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What is GrabLingo about?

GrabLingo is a supportive community of learners and teachers, helping each other with English education. The classes are conducted online, via Skype, and are strictly 1-on-1: One learner, one teacher.


The most important thing for each new teacher to do is adding Mr.Kiet’s Skype: nvkiet1291. Mr.Kiet is the Head of the GrabLingo Tutor Success Department and is responsible for guiding you during the time you work at GrabLingo.

The process of Teaching at GrabLingo

1. Register an account

Sign up for free to start teaching:!/become-a-teacher

2. Testing and training process:

To ensure the teaching quality, every new teacher is required to take the GrabLingo test and training. Mr.Kiet (nvkiet1291) is the person who is in charge of testing and training new teachers via Skype. So please contact him on Skype to complete this step after you register an account on the website.

3. Build a great profile

New learners at GrabLingo will look at teachers’ profiles to choose the teacher that is the best for them. So please make sure you improve your odds!!  Or ask Mr.Kiet (nvkiet1291) if you need some suggestions to improve your profile. He will help you make your profile more outstanding.

4. Teach official classes & Get paid every month

After the official registrations, you will get paid from then on for each official teaching hours. You will receive the salary every month, usually on the 3rd and 4th day of the month, based on the total number of hours you teach in the previous month. The payment can be through Paypal (Preferred), Credit card, or Bank transfer.

About the common rate for 1 teaching hour that a learner is able to pay, please contact Mr.Kiet (nvkiet1291) to know more detail.

5. Things to prepare to teach ONLINE

  • Laptop or PC
  • Headphone with external microphone,
  • Skype
  • Webcam (optional)
  • Internet connection